September 2012 Archives

17 Weeks of Fantasy Football Fun

Football season is a really fun time of the year for LockerPulse. Walk in to our office at lunch time and we’re all using it to catch up on the latest news for our favorite teams and fantasy players. There’s a constant banter of “did you hear that XYZ is hurt?” and “I can’t believe that you didn’t start XYZ yesterday!” For sports fans like myself, LockerPulse is great all year round, but it really shines during football season. Fantasy football is arguably it’s best… Continue reading


How Google Drive Crashed Our Verizon DSL For Almost a Month

File this one under “never in a million years” and “crazy shit like this only happens to small business owners who are already time-crunched.” On the off chance that someone else runs into the same issue, I decided to post the email exchange I had with Google Apps Enterprise Support. I/we aren’t really that mad, just happy to finally solve the issue and get back to work, while also a little perplexed that GDrive can effectively take down a business class DSL network. My email… Continue reading