17 Weeks of Fantasy Football Fun

Football season is a really fun time of the year for LockerPulse. Walk in to our office at lunch time and we’re all using it to catch up on the latest news for our favorite teams and fantasy players. There’s a constant banter of “did you hear that XYZ is hurt?” and “I can’t believe that you didn’t start XYZ yesterday!” For sports fans like myself, LockerPulse is great all year round, but it really shines during football season. Fantasy football is arguably it’s best use case. Take a look at the video I put together recently:

We also added a bunch of small new features in the past few weeks, including videos from NFL.com, better news filtering, more accurate standings for NCAA & EPL, the option to share to Google+, new teams like the Brooklyn Nets and the three new EPL teams, and a feature for publishers where they can have their custom favicon shown next to their stories. These were all things that either didn’t make the cut for the relaunch in May or we realized needed to be fixed after the fact. The site is now where we really wanted it to be on launch day.

During fantasy football season we’re experimenting with all sorts of marketing, including using the above video in promotions, and also targeting fantasy players on Sunday mornings right when lineup decisions are made. Aside from growing LP, this experimentation lets us try some more aggressive/new/unique marketing tactics that we may or may not eventually use for Detailed Image to get a feel for how they work and to get a little of our own real live data.

It’s also incredibly fun. We spend a lot of time brainstorming creative ways to reach a completely different market that has it’s own unique challenges. Before, during, and after the games on Sunday’s I’m usually watching my news feed in real-time as stories happen to get a feel for the experience and how it can be improved. Some people want to kick back on the couch with a beer and watch the games. I like having dual monitors open so I can watch LockerPulse, highlights on NFL.com (their scores page is awesome on game day if you haven’t tried it, highlights from all games run continuously as they happen), and my fantasy game…while watching live games of course. And during breaks, I’ll hop on our LockerPulse Twitter accounts to interact with fans, or check how the site is doing, or how our marketing campaigns are performing. I also tend to get all sorts of crazy marketing and feature ideas while I’m in the middle of doing all of this. It’s kind of a sports nirvana for me!

Anyway, if you play fantasy football, we’d love to have you give LockerPulse a shot this Sunday. If you do, drop me a comment below and let me know what you think!