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The End of Music Alerts + One Great Memory

Earlier today I shut down Music Alerts, our service that allowed you to enter a list of your favorite musicians and receive alerts via RSS of their new album releases.  Here’s an example of what you’d see in your RSS reader: I launched it just over five years ago, back in September of 2007, after I was unable to find a service to notify me when my favorite artists were releasing new albums.  It only took a weekend of programming to create.  I spent an… Continue reading


In Support of GSupport

Google is somewhat renowned for their lack of customer support.  Have a question that isn’t answered in their help section? Ask it in a product forum and cross your fingers.  If it doesn’t get answered, you’re SOL.While this might be true for some of their products and services, I’ve actually found the exact opposite to be true in our experiences. [Side note: their help sections are so ridiculously thorough in comparison to most similar companies (ahem Facebook) that in most cases I never even need… Continue reading


Our Custom Built Newsletter System

In December of last year we released a project that we’d been working on for a long time. It’s since saved us countless hours, reduced errors, improved accuracy, and opened the doors for some really unique future opportunities. The project was a complete overhaul of how we perform one of our most critical business processes, one that is one of our largest revenue drivers. Yet none of our customers have noticed. And that’s the way we wanted it. That meant it was a success. From… Continue reading


Must Watch – Indie Game: The Movie

On the train ride home from NYC last week I watched Indie Game: The Movie.  I had heard about it when Kevin Marks mentioned it on This Week in Google. To their credit, Indie Game picked up on it as well and wrote about it on their blog.  They also saw my tweet and responded right away, which also impressed me: It was initially a Kickstarter project, that went on to get funded in 48 hours.  Since the film’s release it has won countless awards,… Continue reading


My Trip to NYC for the NY Sports Tech Meetup

The intersection of sports and tech is an interesting one.  Maybe more so than any industry, sports and sports media are dominated by big players like TV networks (ESPN/ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS) and by the leagues themselves.  Despite the mounds of data that sports produce, the 24x7x365 news cycle, and the gigantic size of the market, there are shockingly few sports startups.  If you follow the tech news cycle at all, you know that it’s pretty rare to see anything sports related gaining attention. There… Continue reading