November 2012 Archives

Thoughts on a Killer Cyber Monday Week

The Expectations A few months ago we weren’t sure where to set our expectations for this year’s holiday shopping rush, what I like to now refer to as “Cyber Monday Week” – the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. Last year was a huge success, setting the bar pretty high for this year. Then we had a surprisingly successful October of sales where we saw larger-than-expected growth in a month that’s traditionally been one of our slowest. The month ended with Mike and Greg traveling… Continue reading


Standing Desk: 1 Year Later

It’s been just over a year since I switched to a standing desk (see: Standing Desks are Awesome (and exhausting) and My Efforts to Sit Less). Some thoughts after sticking with it for over a year: Like any new habit, it was hard at first but now has become such a part of my daily life that I barely notice it.  Standing is how I do my work when I’m home. After a few months my endurance got to the point where a 10-12 hour… Continue reading


What a Difference a Monitor Makes

It’s funny how big of a difference little changes can make. Earlier this year we started noticing that our employees were doing a lot of tasks that would benefit from more screen space. Laptop screens are more than adequate for plenty, but when you’re doing accounting, customer service, social media, research projects, and the like, it can be incredibly beneficial to snap two windows side-by-side. Not to mention the programming I’m doing or the graphic design that Mike’s doing. It’s not just more convenient, it… Continue reading