What a Difference a Monitor Makes

My Desk

My Desk

It’s funny how big of a difference little changes can make.

Earlier this year we started noticing that our employees were doing a lot of tasks that would benefit from more screen space. Laptop screens are more than adequate for plenty, but when you’re doing accounting, customer service, social media, research projects, and the like, it can be incredibly beneficial to snap two windows side-by-side. Not to mention the programming I’m doing or the graphic design that Mike’s doing. It’s not just more convenient, it saves time and cuts down on errors.

It wasn’t too hard of a decision to buy 23″ 1080p LED monitors and USB keyboards so that we could all dock our laptops. When they came in we were all super excited. It was like Christmas. Everyone dropped what they were doing and set up their new monitor. We were universally frustrated with working on laptop screens for entire eight hour days. We all knew that this would have an immediate impact on our work. And it has. Almost every day I’m in I notice each of the guys working on something where they’re benefiting from the larger screen.

Combined with redoing our office last year, we now have a pretty good work environment in our little office. With better lighting, a nice desk, a nice chair, and now the monitor, I feel like I can get just as much done at the warehouse as I can from home. I’m never in a rush to get out of there so I can get home to get some work done anymore. I feel like I can stay and be part of the team without sacrificing productivity.

Stuff like this also shows our employees that we’re creating an environment where we’ll give them the tools that they need to succeed, and that we’ll try do so proactively rather than waiting for them to come to us and complain. I think (hope) it shows that we care.

The total cost for six monitors and six USB keyboards: $1,083.44. Well worth every penny.

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  1. Dave says:

    Just try dual monitors and you’ll have the same feeling all over again 😉

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Haha yea I have dual monitors at home. There’s not quite enough room for them to fit in our office though (and I’m not sure everyone has 2 outputs on their laptops like I do). The thought has crossed my mind. For what I’m doing, having one 1080p monitor is usually enough…although there are still a few things I save for when I’m at home because the dual monitors make it so much more effective.

      • Adam McFarland says:

        Btw, I’ve never worked with 3 monitors but I know some people who swear by them. Have you ever used more than two Dave? I figure at some point the law of diminishing returns has to kick in…right? Then again, maybe not!

        • Dave says:

          Makes sense, especially for programming I think the dual monitor really comes in handy. Never worked with 3 monitors before, I feel like that would be a little too much for me, but would love to try it sometime!

  2. Tim Coleman says:

    Sweet! It’s incredible how technology has gotten so good and come down in price so much, I remember years ago I was saving for a 19″ Samsung LCD 4:3 monitor and I just never could save enough to get it. Gradually monitors came down in price and got larger, brighter and across the board better! Just as a point of reference at that time 6 of those old LCD’s would have cost over $3k, plus keyboards!

    I’m presently running 4 monitors, 2 computers each with a secondary monitor. I’m contemplating getting a 45-50″ LED wall mounted unit as well… maybe I’m day dreaming on that one! But seriously, when I’m working remotely and I have one lowly laptop screen I feel inadequate and helpless, even using Exposé with Mac, which makes a HUGE difference.

    From the first day I’ve gone dual monitor I haven’t been able to go back, at least not without complaining. On your desk you can open your laptop and use that as a second monitor, I see most people here relying solely on their external display, I see no reason to limit myself.

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