Standing Desk: 1 Year Later

My Standing Desk

My Standing Desk

It’s been just over a year since I switched to a standing desk (see: Standing Desks are Awesome (and exhausting) and My Efforts to Sit Less). Some thoughts after sticking with it for over a year:

  • Like any new habit, it was hard at first but now has become such a part of my daily life that I barely notice it.  Standing is how I do my work when I’m home.
  • After a few months my endurance got to the point where a 10-12 hour work day standing was no big deal as long as I took a ~15 minute sitting break every few hours (a good habit anyway when working).
  • In general, I can do an intense leg workout at the gym with no ill effects on my standing, either that day or the next day.
  • With that said, 2-3 long days in a row of standing is my max.  After that I start to feel fatigued and my joints start to hurt.  I’m usually in the warehouse 1-3 days per week, and those days I sit most of the day, so it tends to just work itself out naturally.
  • Originally I had thought about getting an adjustable GeekDesk, but there’s something to be said for having standing as my only option using my docked setup (2 monitors, keyboard, mouse).  If I want to sit, I have to go to a table and use my laptop screen, which generally I don’t want to do, which encourages me to stand more.  I think if I had the easy option of lowering my desk, I’d use it too often.
  • My chronic back pain is essentially gone, although the standing desk has just been one component.  Smarter workouts, stretching, foam rolling, icing, adjusting my sleeping position, and the like also account for some of that to varying degrees.
  • I absolutely love being on my feet.  It makes me feel mentally sharper.  I’ve now associated sitting with relaxing, even more so than I think we do naturally.
  • Along those lines, I really look forward to sitting down at the end of a long day and reading, watching some sports, or playing a video game.  It feels like a reward for a solid days work.
  • Even on days when I don’t workout and the weather keeps me indoors, I feel mentally and physically fatigued at the end of the day, which I think helps me sleep at night.
  • Lastly, I hope more people will give standing desks a shot, even if it’s just a quick makeshift desk, and even if it’s only for a few hours per week to start.

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  1. Brad says:

    At my last job, a girl tried to convert to a standing desk at her cubicle. I can’t comment on her staying power since I switched companies. However, it seemed really awkward since the floor only had 4 foot high cubicle walls. When you walked in the door, you could see her head floating above the cubicles, but no one else. It was quite entertaining to see people reactions to it.

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Haha that’s great. I give her credit for at least trying. I’d imagine it’s tough to be that one person to go out on a limb and try it at a company where everyone’s sitting at traditional desks in cubicles.

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