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Figuring Out The Best Time To Deploy New Features

In my last post I wrote about all of the small features that we’ve been rapidly releasing lately for Detailed Image. One of the challenges I always have is figuring out when to deploy a new feature to the live website. I used to just deploy as soon as the work was done. The problem was, this would usually be towards the end of a long hard day, and if anything went wrong I’d be left working in a sub-optimal state to fix things. I… Continue reading


Adding To The Foundation [Of Our Cart]

In the coming months we’ll be rolling out some big improvements to the Detailed Image website. We launched the current site in mid-2009. Since then we’ve iterated with the Ask-a-Pro Blog, Free Weekly Special, a new home page, a mobile site, free shipping every day, and more, but the site has largely remained the same as we’ve hired and trained two new full-time employees, launched the new version of LockerPulse, refined our warehouse operations and customer service process, and dealt with all of the other… Continue reading


Whoa We’ve Been Busy

I have an almost-complete post about some of the cool programming stuff I’ve been working on, however for the past week or so I’ve been unable to wrap it up…or get to much of the programming itself because of how busy we’ve been! In my Black Friday / Cyber Monday post I mentioned that I was surprised a bit by how well everything came together for the start of the holiday shopping season.  A successful SEMA show led right into early Black Friday promos, which… Continue reading


T-Shaped People

A few weeks ago Mark left a comment with a link to video game maker Valve’s company handbook.  That triggered my memory of a NY Times piece profiling them back in September that had garnered quite a bit of attention because of Valve’s “flat” organization (there are no managers) and 100% time (employees can work on whatever they want, kind of like Google’s 20% time…except all the time). Curious to learn more, I then sat down with my iPad and read the whole employee handbook. … Continue reading


PayPal’s Simple Solution to Reducing Disputes (Chargebacks)

Chargebacks are always a hot topic for online retailers. A few weeks ago I was editing some PayPal settings when I noticed something called a “Customer service message” where you can “Create a personalized message for customer disputes.” That caught my eye, so I clicked it. On the page it’s described as: Customize the message online customers see when they try to file a dispute in the Resolution Center. People who will get this message have: Bought an item from you online, but said it… Continue reading