The Little Things That Win Customers

Somewhat surprisingly, today we shipped out a record number of orders as a part of our Spring Sale, beating even Cyber Monday 2012. I took a shot of the package pile towards the end of the day:

Detailed Image Boxes 3-18-2013

The box pile that defeated Cyber Monday

As our FedEx pickup arrived we were literally sprinting around the warehouse trying to pack the last few orders. The interesting thing is that we didn’t have to do that. On our busiest day ever, we had already packed up every order that came in after 12:15 PM, which is our “guaranteed” same-day shipment cutoff time. We had run our afternoon batch around 1:30 PM, which got quite a few additional customers out a day early. Instead of being satisfied, we ran them again. Then when the truck pulled up, we ran them another time. And again just as the truck was getting ready to pull away. He probably left at 2:45 PM and we literally had every order placed up until 2:44 PM on that truck. Two and a half hours of customers will be receiving their orders a day early (possibly two if this impending snow storm lives up to the hype).

Getting a customer a package a day early is a huge win. Have you ever received a package on Tuesday that you expected on Wednesday? You’re surprised. I know I am when it happens. My expectations are exceeded. In detailing, receiving a package on Friday or Saturday instead of Monday or Tuesday means one more Spring weekend that you can detail your car. That alone can win over a customer. Just check out our testimonials page and you’ll see a lot of comments that echo that sentiment.

On a crazy busy day it’s easy to value each individual customer less than you would if business was slow. I love that our team goes out of our way to exceed expectations for every customer every single day. It might have only been 15 or 20 extra orders that we got out today, but that’s 15 or 20 extra customers that we may have just won over.

2 comments on The Little Things That Win Customers

  1. Rob says:

    Jeeze, I sure hope the stuff at the bottom of that pile isn’t getting squashed. That’s a first world problem to have to consider!

    Congratulations guys!

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Haha a first world problem indeed! We do try to stack them based on size/weight, which helps. Most of the ones on top are light things like towels. There is also a table behind the pile that’s not visible in the picture, so most of the pile is split with some above the table and some below it. That said, we could certainly use some more space in our packing area for days like this!

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