April 2013 Archives

Breaking Down The New Detailed Image

Over on The Detailed Image Blog I wrote a post outlining the features of the new DetailedImage.com. I copied that post below, and then added in some additional thoughts about each feature in italics. — Yesterday we were extremely excited to unveil our new DetailedImage.com website. Our goal is to provide you with the simplest, fastest, and most secure shopping experience in the industry. Let’s take a look at what’s new: The Design We’ve kept the important functionality where it’s familiar – navigation on the… Continue reading


The New Detailed Image is Here!

This morning we launched our new Detailed Image site. The largest improvement is the responsive design: take a look on your computer, tablet, and phone. We’re still working out a few minor kinks. The homepage just has a placeholder Ship & Save graphic that will be replaced with a nice big sale in the coming days! More to come soon…


Almost There…

We’re almost ready to launch the new Detailed Image site. The planned launch day is Saturday, April 20th. We’re putting the finishing touches on everything and then later this week we’ll start testing pretty heavily. It’s nice having an entire team of people to test. Last year prior to launching the revamped LockerPulse we found quite a few little bugs by having our employees use it for a while. An e-commerce site is a little tougher to dogfood than a sports news app. But given… Continue reading