July 2013 Archives

How And Why We Adjusted Our Vacation Policies

It feels like we’ve had our core team in place forever. The six of us – myself, my two partners, and our three full-time employees – naturally form such a good team that sometimes we forget that we’ve only been together as a team for 14 months. Occasionally we’re reminded that we’re all still relatively new to each other when things happen that have never happened before and we’re forced to overhaul our policies. We just wrapped up a stretch where three of the six… Continue reading


Pure Adapt Night At The Tri-City ValleyCats

Over July 4th weekend we rented a box at a Tri-City ValleyCats baseball game, our local minor league baseball team (the Class A affiliate of the Houston Astros). We had been planning this for a while – it had been on our minds since last Summer. We wanted to hold an event for all of our employees and their families to come celebrate our success as a company. The ballpark is the perfect place to do it. We had a nice air conditioned suite but… Continue reading


The Best Read On The Web Right Now

I am completely sucked in to the tumblr blog My Startup has 30 Days to Live. It’s written anonymously by an entrepreneur who ran a successful business, took VC money, and now the business is on the brink of failure. Or as he says it: Through a series of unfortunate events, I took a bootstrapped (and profitable) startup onto the VC rocket ship. Now it’s crashing into the ground. Hard. If you want an unfiltered look at what it’s like to have your business slowly… Continue reading


Another 3 Years

We recently renewed our lease to stay in our warehouse for another three years. Over the past six months we seriously considered upgrading to a new facility. We could use more office space. We could use another shipping dock. We could use more space for our products. But ultimately we weren’t ready to make that huge jump. If we were going to move, we’d probably jump from just over 5,000 sq-ft to around 15,000 sq-ft. At that point everything becomes more expensive – the rent,… Continue reading


The Magical Coffee Machine

The other day I was reading The Way I Work: Zulily’s Darrell Cavens in Inc Magazine and I smiled when I read this: Six months into the business, we got one of those Starbucks coffee machines here in the office. If I had realized the morale boost that would come from having a free coffee machine in the office, I would have got it Day One. It’s almost more exciting than medical benefits. We have one on every floor now. We have a similar story…. Continue reading


The Email Wasteland Of Former Employees

Picture this: you shoot an email over to a contact at a company you work closely with. Maybe it’s a vendor or a benefits provider or your landlord. Point is, it’s someone that you have done regular business with for a while and have probably spent a ton of money with. You rely on them, they rely on you. A few days go by and you don’t get a reply from someone who is normally pretty prompt. You think “maybe they’re on vacation or just… Continue reading