Pure Adapt Night At The Tri-City ValleyCats

Over July 4th weekend we rented a box at a Tri-City ValleyCats baseball game, our local minor league baseball team (the Class A affiliate of the Houston Astros). We had been planning this for a while – it had been on our minds since last Summer. We wanted to hold an event for all of our employees and their families to come celebrate our success as a company. The ballpark is the perfect place to do it. We had a nice air conditioned suite but also a porch with seats that had an awesome view of the field. We had the evening catered with tons of food and drinks. Everyone seemed to kick back on a beautiful summer evening and just enjoy themselves. It was everything we hoped it would be.

Here are some pics:

Pure Adapt ValleyCats - Door

A nice touch – our logo on the suite door. The first thing we all saw.

Pure Adapt ValleyCats - View

The view from our seats.

Pure Adapt ValleyCats - The Team

Our full-time team.

Pure Adapt ValleyCats - The Suite

People enjoying the food while watching the game.

Pure Adapt ValleyCats - Watching

Watching the game from our seats…and just now noticing how much balder I’m getting as I write this!

Posted on July 18th, 2013 in Culture

3 comments on Pure Adapt Night At The Tri-City ValleyCats

  1. Jeff says:

    Looks like a lot of fun.
    I’m curious, has a company, can you deduct this kind of social activity from your taxes?
    Approximately how much does a night like this can cost? I’m sure it was worth it.

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Thanks Jeff! To be honest, I’m not sure how it’s taxed. I think it can be deducted but don’t quote me on that 100%. My partner Mike manages our accounting and works closely with our outside CPA and one of our employees who does the books to take care of that stuff. I’m pretty removed from it unless there’s a major issue.

      As far as the cost, it’s pretty reasonable. We did the luxury suite option listed here http://www.milb.com/content/page.jsp?sid=t577&ymd=20121205&content_id=40541950&vkey=team4 We probably spent an additional few hundred on food plus tax & tip.

  2. Jeff says:

    Ok, thanks for the info.

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