August 2013 Archives

A New Chargeback Fraud Scheme

Scammers are creative, you have to give them that I suppose. Recently we’ve started seeing a new chargeback fraud technique. Here’s how it works: A thief possesses a stolen credit card and also knows the billing address of the owner of the credit card. They purchase a large e-gift certificate, using the billing and shipping address of the actual owner of the card. They then use the gift certificate to place several smaller orders under a variety of aliases. After they receive their orders, they then file… Continue reading


Tutorial: Using Google Spreadsheets to Update a Google Calendar – Our New Vacation Management System

As promised in my last post about our vacation policies, here’s a step-by-step tutorial of how we now manage our vacation policies with a Google Calendar and a Google Spreadsheet. By the end of this tutorial you’ll be able to: Organize all of your employee vacation days in one central system using a Google Calendar and a Google Spreadsheet. Have vacation days automatically added to a Google Calendar that is viewable to anyone in your organization. Manage the vacation days in a Google Spreadsheet that… Continue reading