September 2013 Archives

Why I Love Our Samsung Chromebook

I’m sitting at a coffee shop a few blocks from my house typing up this post on our company Samsung Chromebook. I have long been interested in Chrome OS (I installed the first beta of Chromium OS all the way back in 2009 and I received one of the CR-48 prototype computers in 2010). Earlier this year my partners and I were looking for a “car show computer” that could be used both by us to check email and do light work while traveling, and… Continue reading


Review of My ASUS Zenbook UX32VD

  In April I decided to finally replace my workhorse HP laptop that I purchased back in January of 2010. I wanted smaller, lighter, and more powerful. I tend to work with my computer docked almost all of the time, whether it’s at my standing desk at home or my desk at the warehouse. However, if I’m traveling for any extent of time I also need to be able to get close to that docked experience with just the computer and the contents of a… Continue reading


The Inside Scoop Behind The New SportsLizard

My heart started racing back in March when I saw a post from the Official Google Blog entitled A second spring of cleaning. Like many others, I wasn’t too happy about the loss of Google Reader. But that’s not what had me worried. The thought that crossed my mind was “this is finally the end of SportsLizard.” I opened the post (in Google Reader ironically) and confirmed my worst fears. Before I finish the story of that day and explain what led to yesterday’s relaunch,… Continue reading