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Responsive Mobile UI Split-Test: Icons or Text?

In the past when Mike and I would set out to redesign Detailed Image we would make our design, user interface, and user experience decisions based upon a combination of our internal historical data and the industry “best practices” at the time. This strategy had served us well. We’d research what we considered to be the best-in-class e-commerce experiences and study what they did best. We’d read up on all of the latest studies and experiments published on GetElastic, Smashing Magazine, ConversionXL, and other great… Continue reading


“What’s the most challenging part of working for yourself and how do you work through this challenge?”

I was recently interviewed by Laurel Staples of the Go Fire Yourself blog. I really dig her site and her approach to encouraging entrepreneurship. One of my favorite questions from the interview was: Q: What’s the most challenging part of working for yourself and how do you work through this challenge? A: I think the biggest challenge is time management. When you have partners, employees, suppliers, customers, etc all vying for your attention things can get hectic. It can be tough to prioritize what’s really… Continue reading


Making Music Work At Work

When we first started working in our warehouse it was just my partners and I. We had an old boom box (remember those?) that we used to play local radio stations while we were in the warehouse. When we got back to the office someone would throw music on their computer. Sometimes people would use headphones if they wanted to zone in to their work. It kind of just worked and we didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to last year and our lack… Continue reading