November 2013 Archives

Rethinking How I Consume RSS

A lot has changed since I first posted about what I read back in 2008. I stopped reading tech sites like TechCrunch and instead started relying on podcasts from the TWiT network for most of my tech news. I unsubscribed from some blogs and instead followed the authors on Twitter. I co-founded LockerPulse, which I use exclusively for my sports news. Still, Google Reader played a regular role in my reading so I was really sad to see it go. RSS lets you keep up… Continue reading


Illuminating Our Warehouse

Last week we had new lighting installed in our warehouse. If you look back at old photos you’ll see how dark it was relative to the photo above. This wrapped up a long list of improvements we’ve been making to the space since moving in back in 2008. As I wrote back in July when we renewed the lease, the place actually isn’t so bad now: The lease included some small improvements to upgrade our current place, such as some new doors and fixing our… Continue reading