Illuminating Our Warehouse

New Warehouse Lighting

Last week we had new lighting installed in our warehouse. If you look back at old photos you’ll see how dark it was relative to the photo above. This wrapped up a long list of improvements we’ve been making to the space since moving in back in 2008.

As I wrote back in July when we renewed the lease, the place actually isn’t so bad now:

The lease included some small improvements to upgrade our current place, such as some new doors and fixing our second bathroom so it’s usable (we’ve never actually had a second bathroom). Along with previous upgrades to the office and heating system (and our coffee machine!), we’ve improved the place quite a bit. It’s gone from a place I despised – mostly due to the lack of cleanliness and oil heat smell – to a relatively comfortable work environment for us and our employees. It’s more than adequate for us to grow our business to the next level. Now we’re able to take the time spent contemplating relocation and focus on doing just that.

It’s great to finally see the space live up to the potential we saw in it almost six years ago!