December 2013 Archives

Meeting Momentum

Have you ever gone to a meeting that ended with a positive vibe, lots of promise, tons of action items, and then…nothing happened? I bet you have. I know I sure have. One of the best things about our internal meetings is that this rarely happens. When I’m at a meeting I’m always taking notes, generally either in a notepad file or on a sheet of paper. My goal isn’t organization – it’s to get everything recorded in the most frictionless manner so that I… Continue reading


A Very Interesting Cyber Monday Week

We had a rather interesting Cyber Monday Week (the name I’ve decided to give to our week of promotions that starts a few days before Thanksgiving and ends with Cyber Monday). Sales From a numbers standpoint it was pretty successful. Last year we obliterated 2011 so I wasn’t sure where to set my expectations for this year. Sales were still up this year compared to last, so it’s hard to complain, but the % growth didn’t match last year so I was a little bummed… Continue reading