Meeting Momentum

Have you ever gone to a meeting that ended with a positive vibe, lots of promise, tons of action items, and then…nothing happened? I bet you have. I know I sure have.

One of the best things about our internal meetings is that this rarely happens.

When I’m at a meeting I’m always taking notes, generally either in a notepad file or on a sheet of paper. My goal isn’t organization – it’s to get everything recorded in the most frictionless manner so that I can get right back to paying attention.

Within 24 hours after the meeting ends I always sit down and review the notes. If there’s an action item that I can quickly accomplish, I take care of it right away. Always. If it’s something I’ll need to do in the future I’ll add it to my to-do list, calendar, or to a programming plan.

A good example was yesterday’s weekly meeting with my partners. These meetings are particularly tough because we often discuss dozens of topics. I had quite a few action items coming out of the meeting. This morning I spent my first hour of the day knocking off everything on the list that was quick & easy.

For instance, we adjusted our same-day shipping time from noon to 1:00 PM Eastern Time. The warehouse has become efficient enough that there’s minimal risk involved, and our customers will appreciate the extra hour window to place orders. I made the programming changes for our estimated ship dates during checkout and then shot out an email to everyone. I did the same for a few other things in my notes.

I find that two good things happen when you do this. One, you avoid clogging up your to-do list with quick and simple tasks. You get them done and off your mind. Maybe more importantly though, you keep the momentum going from the meeting. My partners who were at that meeting yesterday aren’t left wondering if and when something is going to progress. It makes your meeting feel worthwhile when you start seeing results immediately.