February 2014 Archives

Back in Control of My Inbox

I wrote a lot about how I manage my inbox several years back (see Making Email Efficient, My Email Bliss, and Not All Email is Created Equal). The methodologies outlined in those posts served me well for years, however a lot has changed since then: I receive a lot more email, we’ve grown quite a bit, we have a team of employees, and I’ve gotten married and bought a house. Re-reading those posts years later, it’s almost laughable how little applies to me in 2014…. Continue reading


Email on Vacation is a Thing of the Past

Since leaving my job in 2006 I haven’t taken a true vacation. I’ve taken plenty of trips, many of them fun and relaxing, but at no point have I ever gone more than a business day or two without checking my email. Often I just checked it and moved on in a few minutes, but plenty of other times I got sucked into something and lost an hour or two that should have been spent having fun. It’s impossible to unplug when you’re still tethered… Continue reading