March 2014 Archives

Welcome to Adam McFarland .com

I’m happy to finally be on! The design has been “refreshed” to be responsive and strip out all of the unnecessary distractions. I intentionally wanted the focus to be on the content. That’s what a blog is about. I was partially inspired by this website (NSFW). It’s hilarious but kind of true. I started from the ground up with my own design. I then copied over the minimalist theme I created for our Ask-a-Pro Detailer Blog and stripped out whatever else wasn’t needed. The… Continue reading


Finally Moving to the .COM!

Back in August 2012 went up for auction. I’ve always wanted the .COM for my site for obvious reasons, so I was ready to spend some money to snag it. I suppose all of the other Adam McFarland’s weren’t interested because I grabbed it for a cool $40. Since then I’ve been procrastinating. Moving this blog, including the 2005 – 2007 blogger archives, is a bit of a project (and not really a fun one at that). Other things were always a priority these… Continue reading


Automating Out of Stock Products

Back in 2010 I wrote a post about Managing Out of Stock Products. There are some great comments on that post. They stood out to me so much that I still recall almost four years later that the prevailing theme was: why don’t you automate it? Well, a few months ago we finally did. The main hold up in 2010 was the accuracy of our inventory system. Since then we’ve made several initiatives and now have the system at the point where it’s as accurate… Continue reading


Why We Don’t Test on Windows Phones

Recently there have been some really good comments on my Responsive Mobile UI Split-Test: Icons or Text? post. Over the weekend a commenter named Yorke said: Also might be worthwhile doing a quick broad device test to see how it renders across the ever changing continuum of device specs. On a quick test on a windows phone it doesn’t render well. I replied: We have not been testing on Windows phone to be honest. It represents 0.25% of our visitors in 2014. We monitor our… Continue reading