April 2014 Archives

Why We Do REMOTE Work

I recently finished reading REMOTE: Office Not Required by Basecamp (formerly 37signals) founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. The book covers why and how companies should adopt remote work. In typical 37signals fashion the book is simple, elegant, and jam-packed with practical and useful information. Why exactly do we REMOTE? The timing of this read was good for me. We recently started a new schedule where my partners and I spend even less time at the warehouse, both to empower our employees and free… Continue reading


How We’re Making Shipping Better For Our Customers (Without Going Broke)

In my last post I discussed my views on the changing landscape of shipping charges. Increasing costs along with the fear that changing/eliminating shipping offers will upset your customers means that it’s imperative to understand the current costs associated with any ongoing shipping offer and to have a pretty good idea of the future costs. If an offer barely works for you now, it probably won’t work for you in a year or two. We try to look out 3 – 5 years and assess… Continue reading


The Future of Shipping Charges

A few weeks ago Amazon raised the price of an Amazon Prime membership from $79/year to $99/year. If you read the news or followed Twitter, you would have thought they raised it to $99/month judging by the reactions. Read a few of the comments on this Lifehacker post and you’ll get a feel for how upset the majority of people were. Personally the reaction has been a bit perplexing. If you get $99 of value out of it, keep it. If you don’t, ditch it…. Continue reading