June 2014 Archives

Refining Our Product Search Engine

In early 2013 I wrote a post about some major improvements to Detailed Image’s product search. The relatively robust autosuggest, synonym system, speed improvements, and automated sorting of results by popularity were massive advancements for us. Overall I thought our search engine was one of the better product search engines out there. However, it still had plenty of weaknesses so a few weeks back I set out to make another round of improvements. There’s huge untapped opportunity with search. It’s very important – our stats… Continue reading


DI Emails Have Gone Responsive

Responsive design aint just for web browsers. With users reading email on more and more devices, it has become increasingly important to send responsive email newsletters. The problem is that it’s a total pain in the ass. However difficult responsive web design is – and it is plenty difficult – email is many magnitudes harder. Think IE8 is hard? Try designing for Outlook. Each webmail client has it’s own list of things that it strips out and/or doesn’t support, and each looks slightly different in… Continue reading


Settling In To My Home Office

There were only a few things I really wouldn’t budge on when home shopping, and #1 on the list was a good office space. Given that I’m working from home 3 – 4 days/week, I spend more time in my home office than I do anywhere else. I took a few quick photos that I posted above. The sun was blaring in so they’re not beautiful but they get the job done. The highlights for me are: Plenty of room for my standing desk setup…. Continue reading


One Of Those Weeks

I think entrepreneurship blogs/magazines/books unintentionally focus too often on the extremes. They study the extreme successes and the events leading up to them. They do the same for the extreme failures. Rarely do we look at what’s normal, but what’s normal is usually the best indication of whether or not a business is successful, or a business owner is happy with their career choice. I myself am plenty guilty of this, posting about Cyber Monday successes or huge chargeback losses. I sometimes fall into the… Continue reading