Settling In To My Home Office

My Office

My Meeting Table

There were only a few things I really wouldn’t budge on when home shopping, and #1 on the list was a good office space. Given that I’m working from home 3 – 4 days/week, I spend more time in my home office than I do anywhere else. I took a few quick photos that I posted above. The sun was blaring in so they’re not beautiful but they get the job done.

The highlights for me are:

  • Plenty of room for my standing desk setup.
  • First floor, near the kitchen and bathroom but tucked away enough that if I close the door it feels private.
  • A meeting table with three chairs – one for each of my partners and I – so that we can have private meetings.
  • Detailed Image colors and a DI banner! (I actually didn’t paint them to match DI, but the coincidence is nice).
  • The router is located in my office so that my main connection is hard-wired.
  • A book case with all of my business and programming books handy.
  • Plenty of space for my other tech (Chromebook, iPad, etc).
  • A few plants for cleaner air and a nice aesthetic touch.
  • Two windows with plenty of natural light. The window to the left of my desk has a nice view of my yard and the woods behind it.

Overall the atmosphere is perfect for me to get my work done. If there’s a spot where I can reach maximum productivity, this would be it. Having worked from several “home offices”, ranging from my parents basement, to Greg’s basement (where DI started), to several apartments, as well as several “real offices”, I kind of knew what I wanted. While nothing about my set up is outrageous, it is the culmination of years of noticing what does and does not work for me and putting it all together in to one space.

Really, the only negative I suppose is that I work less from coffee shops because I feel the desire to do so less. There’s a great little one a few blocks from me that I have to keep reminding myself to go to every once in a while!

What about you: what’s in your home office? Where do you work best?