LockerPulse Fantasy Football Android App Now Available!

LockerPulse App Screenshot

Today we released our first Android app, Fantasy Football News Now by LockerPulse just in time for fantasy football season!

The app is essentially a decoupling of the player news tracking feature of LockerPulse. It’s a relatively simple app. You select the players on your fantasy team that you want us to track news for, and we scour 40+ sites for mentions of those players and then present the articles to you in your “My News” news stream. The app doesn’t require a LockerPulse account or any account at all. It’s 100% free, doesn’t have any ads, and only requires one permission (internet access).

I’ll post again this week with a little more backstory and the reasons why we created this. For now though, if you have an Android phone or tablet, please download it and take it for a spin! If you have any feedback, leave a comment below, shoot me an email, or drop me a line on Twitter.

Download on Google Play

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