What I’m Interested In, For Now

One thing I’ve noticed recently is my decreasing interest in creating & launching new things.

The LockerPulse app released on Monday was the first thing in a while that I’ve created from scratch and then – with the help of my partners – released. I did the first 90% of the work on nights and weekends without disrupting my other work, and then only this week during launch did I spend some of my normal workday on it.

When Pure Adapt was formed in late 2006 the goal was loosely: to create, buy, run, and sometimes sell websites. For several years I enjoyed creating small sites like Music Alerts, Z.ips.ME, and Woody Paige Quotes to go along with some bigger ventures like Tastefully Driven and of course LockerPulse.

Now, not so much.

I extract my joy from focusing intensely on becoming an elite e-commerce company, and then when I’m done for the day or the week I want to shut down my computer, relax, and enjoy life. I don’t take the word “elite” lightly. It’s only been recently that I’ve come to think that what I consider to be elite is attainable for us. If you take a look at the RSS feeds that I subscribe to (which I make public), you’ll be able to decipher as much. Much of which, I should point out, is done behind the scenes. Our customers might never notice, I may not write blog posts about it for competitive reasons, but we will know, our employees will know, and it will be reflected in the success of our business. That’s what I’m into right now.

If I really wanted to create new stuff, I’m sure I could find time, as I did with the LP app. For now though, I kind of don’t. I’m OK with that.

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