Focus: DI

As I sort of alluded to in my post a few weeks ago What I’m Interested In, For Now, our sole focus as a business right now is Detailed Image. Really, it’s been that way for a while. Years ago we had multiple streams of revenue, but the success of DI has always outweighed the success of everything else. The business has grown to the point now where it would be silly – and potentially fatal – to focus on anything else.

This has been reflected in every major decision we’ve made these past couple of years, and now I think it’s reflected in our actions. With the forced shutdown of the SportsLizard Price Guide and now the sale of LockerPulse, there’s no question where our attention is focused.

We will have more ventures. Pure Adapt will probably not just be Detailed Image. However, all of the opportunities on the horizon seem to be DI-centric. By that I mean stemming from or spinning off of DI, as opposed to totally new ventures. We have something in the works that’s probably 6 months away or so.

Each phase of the business is exciting for different reasons. Right now it’s exciting because we have the opportunity to do some really cool things in e-commerce and detailing, to create more jobs, and continue to build a great organization. It’s different than it was in 2006 when we started or in 2010 when we launched LockerPulse, but that’s one of my favorite parts: it’s never dull, boring, or repetitive.