November 2014 Archives

Guest Checkouts – The Feature We Should Have Had 5 Years Ago

Today we launched guest checkouts on Detailed Image. A guest checkout just means that the customer isn’t required to create an account to make a purchase. Every single article or study we’ve ever seen has said something to the effect of “if you don’t have guest checkouts you’re basically burning money and pissing off potential customers”. A few weeks ago I realized that I’d be able to launch the feature before the holiday shopping rush if I hustled. Presumably guest checkouts are most important during… Continue reading


When Spreading Yourself Thin Goes Wrong (But Also Right)

This week was SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the largest auto show in the US. As we’ve done the past few years we covered the event from a detailing angle. On our Ask-a-Pro Detailer Blog and on social media we cover new product launches, start accepting pre-orders for newly announced products, hold give-aways, caption contests, flash sales and more. We’re the only ones in our industry who cover the event like The Verge or Engadget covers E3. The event isn’t open to the public –… Continue reading