April 2015 Archives

Does Bad Weather Affect Our Business?

We set all sorts of records for cold and snow this winter. More than a few people have asked us if a long, cold winter in the Northeast has negatively affected business. It stands to reason that people are less likely to detail when the winter is brutal and Spring starts a month later. The real answer: it’s probably hurt a bit, but we don’t really know. Sales are up, but they’d likely be up a little more if the country had a warm and… Continue reading


Add-On Upsells – A Win for Everyone

Earlier this week we launched an add-on upsell feature for Detailed Image. With detailing products you often need an add-on product to use the product that you’re purchasing. Buying a wax? You’ll need an applicator pad. Buying a quick detailer? You’ll need a towel. A buffer? A backing plate and pads. And so on. We saw a huge opportunity to not only increase our average order value and sell more of these small (typically high-margin) items, but to make the customer’s experience a better one…. Continue reading