Maximizing The Impact Of Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are hard to get. Just think about how good of an experience you need to have to reach out to a company via email or social media to thank them. I might do it a few times per year, only a miniscule fraction of all of my transactions.

At Detailed Image we’ve been lucky enough to have hundreds of customers leave us testimonials about their positive experiences. We don’t solicit these testimonials, aside from a line at the top of our Customer Testimonials Page that says Have you had a great shopping experience with us? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us with your testimonial. Everything else has been totally organic.

We add most of the testimonials we receive to that page, and while plenty of people do read them there, we wanted to expose our great testimonials to the world. We’ve worked hard to wow those customers from the shopping experience, to our discounts, fast & low cost shipping, our customer service, and really everything else we do. We’ve never made a major business decision without asking ourselves “how will this affect our customers?”

Real testimonials from real customers have the ability to put people at ease, whether they just discovered our website or have been ordering from us for years. Will they reply if I email them? Will they reply if I reach out on social media? What if my package is damaged? What if I need help using my products? Almost every “what if” is answered by a real customer of ours in the testimonials section, and done so much more eloquently than we could put it.

Here are a few ideas to make sure that all of your wonderful customer testimonials don’t go to waste.

Put Them In Your Site & Newsletter Templates

When we launched our responsive site back in 2013, one of my favorite little improvements was adding customer testimonials to each and every page. It randomly pulls from about 250 (and growing) short testimonials that we’ve received, such as:

Detailed Image Testimonial Example

We also designed it into our newsletter template:

Detailed Image Newsletter Testimonial Example

Anyone and everyone who scrolls to the bottom of a page or newsletter can’t help but see a testimonial. Now a testimonial that might get seen a few hundred times will be seen thousands of times.

The location in both is not accidental either. Having it right next to the customer support section on the site is intentional. We realize that things happen – packages get delayed, boxes are damaged in transit, we ship the wrong products by accident. Maybe seeing a positive testimonial right before contacting us will reassure the customer that we’ll take care of them. Maybe it calms them down so they aren’t so nasty in their email. Ditto for the newsletter. Maybe someone contacts us instead of unsubscribing, or only unsubscribes from one newsletter instead of all of them because they’re reminded of why they liked us in the first place.

Share Them With Everyone Internally

For a while when we’d get a potential testimonial, whomever was corresponding with the customer would send an email to just me so I could add it to the site. I noticed how each time I read one I’d get a little morale boost. It offset all of those little things that tend to go wrong on a daily basis when running a business. I also noticed how often various aspects of our business were complimented, from our website to our customer service to our order fulfillment speed. Everyone played their own part in creating the positive customer experience that led to that testimonial, so eventually I had the idea which is almost embarrassingly obvious in retrospect: we should be sending these testimonials to everyone at the company so we can all see how our hard work is being appreciated by our customers. Now we all collectively share in those little morale boosts. It’s like getting a tiny pat on the back each time you read one.

Share Them On Social Media

This one also took us longer to implement than it probably should have. One day I noticed my friend Adam from My Body Tutor posting Tweets like this one with testimonials from his clients:

MBT Testimonial

I thought to myself “duh, why aren’t we doing that!” So then we began posting testimonials to social media. For instance:

Detailed Image Facebook Testimonial-Example

What about you: what clever uses of customer testimonials have you seen?