Thanking Our Customers For a Record Memorial Day Weekend

On Monday we shipped out a record number of orders. It was actually by a pretty big margin over our previous high. We ran a big 20% off Memorial Day sale, and with the extra day off for the holiday orders were really backed up on Tuesday morning. We all got in at 7 AM and everyone hustled for the entire day to ensure that every single order got out.

The warehouse was overflowing with boxes. Due to the hecticness I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo.

However, the following day we posted this graphic on Facebook:

DI Memorial Day 2015 Thank You

One of the really simple things we’ve gotten in that habit of doing is thanking our customers, whether it’s via social media after a record day or with a direct thank you during a customer service interaction. We greatly appreciate that they choose to support our business.

It’s amazing how many businesses don’t bother to thank their customers, and conversely when I’m a customer I’m pleasantly surprised if they do. It often only takes a second and usually doesn’t cost a penny.

A little gratitude often goes a long way.

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