September 2015 Archives

Filtering, Sorting, Best Seller Badges, and More DI Shopping Improvements

Today we released a bunch of improvements to what we call our “browse pages” – shop by brand, shop by category, and search results. Over on the DI Blog I wrote an in-depth post about the changes, which included several improvements to our filtering, the addition of sorting, and more. While we’ve done a lot of work on our search engine, these pages have remained largely untouched since the 2009 cart release. While that can be viewed as a testament to how good of a… Continue reading


Why Some of Our Promos Now End at Midnight Pacific Time

I took that screenshot of our home page at 10 AM Eastern Time this morning. If you do the math, our sale actually ends at 3 AM Eastern Time tomorrow (midnight Pacific), instead of midnight Eastern tonight. We started noticing that we were getting complaints from customers in other time zones who were shopping when a sale ended and weren’t able to complete their purchase. It makes sense. If you’re out west and you start shopping at 8:45 PM, you don’t necessarily think “this sale… Continue reading