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How Professional Sports Could Fall Apart

Last week ESPN laid off 300 people, roughly 4% of their workforce. Why? As The Sports Business Daily points out: “The cost of goods is going up and sales are going down,” one longtime industry executive observed. “That’s not a good trend.” What do they mean by that? ESPN has repeatedly over the past few years shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars extra per year for the NFL, MLB, NBA, college football playoff, and more. From that same article: “It’s been a total mismanagement… Continue reading


Goodbye IE8! No Longer Supporting Microsoft’s Old Browser

If you visit the Detailed Image home page today using Internet Explorer 8, it’ll look like the screenshot above, including the message about how we no longer support the browser. This is a big deal for us, because prior to today we were still supporting IE8. It’s been almost three years since Google stopped supporting IE8. Many other businesses followed suit around the same time. IE8 was released in 2009. By 2012 it had outlived it’s useful life, but since Microsoft refused to produce a… Continue reading


Back in the Classroom!

It’s been a few years since I co-taught web venturing at James Madison University. My good friend was a professor there. I had given a few talks to his classes locally when he taught at Skidmore, and so he invited me down to give the same talk at JMU and eventually co-teach the class (mostly virtually via Skype with a few days spent in Virginia). Unfortunately the following semester I had to bail for personal reasons, and then subsequent semesters we could never quite sync… Continue reading