December 2015 Archives

Why I Rarely Use Twitter These Days

Twitter used to be a routine part of my life. I’d check it almost every day. If I saw something interesting I’d share it. If there was an interesting conversation, I’d jump in. And then, about 5 or 6 months ago, I kind of just stopped. I couldn’t quite articulate why until I read Look and Feel and Feel by Jason Fried, who described his feelings towards Twitter after signing up for Instagram: Since then, every time I’ve gone back to Twitter, I’ve noticed I’ve… Continue reading


Pushing Towards a More Relaxed Cyber Week

Each year we get better and better with our Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday promotions, a week I like to refer to as Cyber Week. This year we ran some amazing deals, probably the biggest sales we’ve ever run. And each year we’ve seen sales growth during Cyber Week, which has been very rewarding. At the same time, we’ve become better and better and scheduling and running promos so we didn’t necessarily feel like we were scrambling around to make it all come together…. Continue reading