Taking Advantage Of Our Slow Season

As one would expect, January and February are not exactly peak months for selling car care supplies. Over the years we’ve adjusted various aspects of the business to align with our slow season in the winter. Along with a few things that just happen to luckily fall into this time period, we end up spending a decent amount of our time in the winter working on once-yearly things like:

  • Any server maintenance or software upgrades, as I discussed in my Update Season post.
  • Employee reviews. Our “employee year” starts March 1st to allow us to do our yearly reviews in February.
  • Employees using up vacation time. Our vacation time also runs from 3/1 – 2/28 to encourage people to use remaining time during slow periods.
  • In-depth review of our numbers from the previous year. Not just financials but also Analytics, marketing ROI, etc.
  • Health insurance renewals.
  • Retirement plan enrollment/adjustment period.
  • Hiring new part-timers and training them so that they’re ready for Spring.

While I’d love to be working on new and exciting projects, I also don’t mind these types of tasks (except the server stuff, I mind that plenty). They flex a different part of my brain. They’re an important part of the whole part of being a business owner, not just a web developer. By coincidence it times out nicely because it’s after the holidays but before our busy season. We’re then freed up to be focused on growing our business the rest of the year.