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I Switched From T-Mobile to Project Fi And It’s Awesome

A few weeks ago Google opened up Project Fi to everyone in the US. If you’re not familiar with it, Project Fi is Google’s take on cell phone service. In typical Google fashion, they have a proprietary technology that pushes the envelope of what we think of when we think of cell phone service. When making calls and using data Google chooses the strongest signal between Wi-Fi, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Because of this, the pricing is really really competitive, which is what ultimately made me… Continue reading


Taking My Standing Desk To The Next Level With A VariDesk, New Monitors, A Mogo Seat, & More

In 2010 I started experimenting with a standing desk setup after learning how bad sitting all day is. By 2011 I was working at a standing desk full time. I wrote a 1-year follow-up but I haven’t posted about it much since. I’m still standing, but over the past few months I overhauled my office to better fit the way I’m working in 2016. The Problem With My Old Setup In short, my main issue has been the same problem that I mentioned in my… Continue reading


Head Count != Success

In the pre-internet world the number of employees that you had was seen as a measure of success. If a restaurant/store/office had more employees, it was considered to be doing well. The ability to automate or outsource was almost nonexistent. You dealt with increased volume by throwing more bodies at it. Hence, people = success. These days? Not so much, yet the prevailing wisdom has seemed to linger. Smart businesses automate, outsource, hire contractors and part-time employees, and then only hire full-time when it’s absolutely… Continue reading


Task Zero Days

Most people are familiar with the term “inbox zero” as it applies to email management. The idea is that any time you process email, you should empty out your inbox. Every email either gets answered, archived, or deleted. If something needs follow-up action, you set up some sort of trigger to remind you, typically with software like Boomerang or a to-do list manager (I use RTM). About once per week I spend anywhere from a half day to a full day applying this concept to… Continue reading


Transportation, Zenefits, and Debunking the Winter Blues – Monthly Link Roundup

I’m trying out something new. Since I’ve mostly stopped posting on Twitter, I’ve decided to start doing a monthly roundup of all of the interesting and thought provoking long-form stories that I’ve read recently. This month we’ve got articles about the future of transportation, debunking “winter blues”, the Zenefits mess, and what one can learn from working with Reid Hoffman. Welcome to the Metastructure: The New Internet of Transportation [Wired] – I am obsessed with how transportation is changing, from electric vehicles to self driving… Continue reading