How To: Use Skype On Windows With An Apple iPhone Headset

Skype on Windows with iPhone Headphones - components connected

I’m an Android user but for the life of me I can’t find a better hands free headset than the Apple headset that comes with the iPhone. I’ve tried a variety of highly rated ones over the years and always came back to the Apple as being the most comfortable and best performing. I carry them in my laptop bag so I’ll always have them handy if I need to take a long phone call. Which got me to thinking: could I use them for Skype calls too?

When I’m at home I have a USB headset for Skype calls, but when I’m on the go or at the warehouse I don’t have anything that I can use other than my laptop mic. Occasionally I’ll have to remember to bring my USB headset with me because there’s the possibility of a Skype call that day. Being able to use the iPhone headset would eliminate that need or the need to even think about it.

It took me a while to figure out what I needed, but once I did it turns out the solution is super simple to set up, takes up almost no space, and costs $12. The same concept can be applied to any phone headset into any USB port on any operating system.

Skype on Windows with iPhone Headphones - individual components

As you can see above, you need two components:

  1. 3.5mm Female To 2 Male Splitter Cable ($6 on Amazon)
  2. USB Sound Adapter ($6 on Amazon)

Once you have everything you need, plug it in to an open USB post and you’re good to go! I did a Skype test call to give it a test. If it doesn’t work for you, ensure that the microphone and speakers are selected in the Audio Settings on Skype. If you’re still having issues after that, follow the instructions here to set the playback and recording device in Windows.

I like keeping my laptop bag light and lean, but I also like having the ability to do anything that I can do at my home setup. As silly as it sounds, making Skype calls was one of the things that always alluded me so when I figured out this solution I was quite satisfied. I’m sure other people are curious about the same thing so hopefully this post can point you in the right direction.