Under Armour DETAILER Shirt Gone Viral

Amidst the chaos of the Business Review article and frantically releasing a new PureAdapt.com site, we rolled out one of our most ambitious and fun projects yet. Last Thursday we launched an Under Armour Detailer Shirt aimed at bringing the detailing community together. At launch we had some of the biggest names in the industry wearing the shirt and promoting it on social media. Here’s the graphic we sent out to our newsletter:

Detailed Image Under Armour Detailer Shirt

You can see more pictures, learn about our social media promotions, and pick one up for yourself by visiting DetailedImage.com/DetailerShirt. We’re not just trying to sell shirts, we’re trying to promote detailing and how awesome the close knit detailers are. We’re trying to make it cool to show off that you’re a detailer. We’re trying to grow awareness of what detailing is. We’re trying to promote that detailing is a great hobby and a great profession. It has the potential to grow the whole industry ever so slightly (or, who knows, maybe more).

So far, it’s working. They’re flying off the shelves and we’ve had a great response from our customers and the detailing community at large.

This started as Mike’s idea but what was really cool was how everyone took it and ran with it. We are using every channel available to us to spread the word. This includes our site, our newsletters, our social media accounts, paid advertising (on social media and beyond), and more. We used every tool in the proverbial toolbox on this one. Almost all of our projects require teamwork to some degree, but this required company-wide buy-in to really work.

A great example is with the shirt itself. Our original prototypes weren’t made by Under Armour, and the quality was reflected in that. One of our employees pushed back on the quality, which led to us reaching out to Under Armour and eventually launching a much better product (at the very reasonable price of $24.99). I think the UA name is that extra boost that we needed to put people over the top. With UA there’s an understood level of quality that you know you’re going to get…plus their brand has a coolness factor that even Nike doesn’t seem to have.

There are probably a dozen other similar stories from idea to launch that took this from a small project to something potentially huge. It’s going to be fun seeing where this goes.