We’re On The Inc. 5000 Again!

Inc 5000 2016 Pure Adapt

This morning Inc released the 2016 Inc. 5000, their list of the fastest growing private companies in America. We checked in at number 4,140, up from number 4,284 last year! Last year felt like a really big accomplishment for me personally, which I wrote about at the time. This year is a little different.

I think making back-to-back lists is a testament to the quality of the organization that we’ve built. There are a lot of companies who make lists like this once because of a fluky year of sales or one big customer like a government contract. But staying on the list means you’re more than just a one-hit-wonder. We haven’t had explosive growth. Instead we’ve had steady, consistent growth every year for a decade. We’ve just kept chipping away with our 15 percents, making the business more efficient, creating better experiences for our customers, developing our employees, and pre-scaling so we don’t hit a wall during our next phase of growth.

It’s unsexy, and yet a much more realistic model for how most businesses grow compared to what you usually read about in the news. Those companies with extraordinary growth often die quick and painful deaths that don’t always get the equivalent amount of media attention. Inc. recently wrote about one such company, Fuhu, who was #1 on their list in both 2013 and 2014 before declaring for bankruptcy this year.

Next year we’re going for the three-peat! Thus far 2016 has gone great so we’re optimistic.

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  1. Tim says:

    Congrats Adam and team – proof that hard work, a good plan and commitment pays off!

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