We’re Literally Under Construction

Over the years we’ve improved a lot of things about our warehouse since first moving in back in 2008. We’ve gone from using a 3G hotspot to having a high speed connection, we’ve remodeled and improved our small office, added better lighting, and of course upgraded our horrible heating system.

The space has gone from pretty run down to a decent space, however it’s still been the same space and recently we’ve been feeling really limited by our ~5,000 sq-ft. We don’t have the space we need for inventory, we don’t have enough space to pack and ship orders, and the office is really tight on days when everyone is in. These are all good problems to have, they’re a representation of our growth this year.

We started researching options from renting a new space to buying our own warehouse, but we ultimately settled on expanding our current space. We’re lucky that our adjacent neighbor didn’t need all of the space that they had, so they were willing to work with us and the industrial park to divide the spaces up differently. They win because they save on rent, and we win because we don’t have to move!

We’ll be essentially doubling our space. The new total will be right around 10,000 sq-ft. In addition to adding more space for inventory, we’re building a new office and conference room, which will enable us to convert the old office into a break room. There are a few other additions/perks: we’re gaining an additional garage door, we’re getting more parking space, we’re adding an entrance for employees only into the new office, we’re adding AC to the office, and we’re having a few large windows put in for natural light.

We’re very excited for the end result. This should allow us to grow without space restrictions for a while, and it comes with the huge benefit of not having to move the business. We have some really interesting workflow improvements that we’re still evaluating that I think could improve efficiency significantly.

Currently though we’re under construction, and that part of it is less than exciting. Thankfully it timed out that the work started after our busy season and should be complete within the next month or two. For the short term we have even less space than usual, a challenge for sure, but the guys are doing a good job of working around it.

Once the work is complete and we’re settled I’ll be sure to post some pictures!

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  1. Congratulations Adam, growth like this is exciting and hectic. Insane for me to wrap my brain around, I hadn’t seen your place since circa 2009, at the time there was PLENTY of extra space, really impressive that you’ve not only filled it but outgrown it.

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