November 2016 Archives

The Most Fun I’ve Had On Cyber Monday In Years

In looking back at my Cyber Week posts, as far back as 2010 we had started to “figure it out” and in recent years the week became less hectic madness and more of a big sale that we were entirely prepared for, similar to some of our larger Spring sales. Last year I wrote Pushing Towards a More Relaxed Cyber Week: Next year, we’ve decided that on Black Friday we’re going to have everyone come in an hour later in the morning in an effort… Continue reading


How a Single Meeting Can Derail an Entire Day

If I’m not careful I can find myself spending my entire day performing tasks associated with running the business: checking email, taking phone calls, scheduling meetings, communicating with our employees, documenting processes, and the like. As we’ve grown it’s been harder and harder to carve out uninterrupted time to program and work on other important projects that will help grow the business. I’ve had to work harder and harder to guard my schedule. In doing so I often think back to an essay from 2009… Continue reading


Programmer vs. Business Owner

This week I’m wrapping up one of our more ambitious programming projects (which I’ll be posting about when it’s launched). I often find my roles as both a programmer and business owner at odds with each other. It’s easy to get caught up in writing perfect code, programming for every single possible scenario, adding additional features because they’d be cool, or writing code that will scale to handle 100x the volume that we’re currently at. It’s easy to turn a two week project into a… Continue reading


The Disasters of Chipotle, Theranos, and Hampton Creek – Link Roundup

Since I’ve mostly stopped posting on Twitter, I’ve decided to start doing a regular roundup of all of the interesting and thought provoking long-form stories, books, podcasts, and videos that I’ve come across recently. Articles Chipotle Eats Itself – this is long form at its best. Months of digging and exclusive interviews paint a picture of what it’s really like inside Chipotle. It’ll take some time to read, but it’s worth the price of admission. My takeaway: they simply grew too big, too fast. [Fast… Continue reading