Wikipedia’s Bias, Facebook’s Monetizing Scheme, & Superaging – Link Roundup

Since I no longer post often on Twitter, I’ve decided to do a regular roundup of all of the interesting and thought provoking content that I’ve come across recently.



  • TV Is The Oak Tree – why have different types of media responded differently to the internet? [Exponent]
  • Privacy Paradox – a 5-day series of podcasts dissecting what information you’re providing tech companies, along with reasonable strategies to take control of your information [Note to Self]
  • Blockchain Gang – a bitcoin entrepreneur goes to jail…then uses blockchain to create a prison currency [Planet Money]
  • Four Finger Discount Simpsons Podcast – my friend introduced me to this and I can’t stop listening. Two Aussie’s do hour-long reviews of every Simpsons episode. I always learn something new about an episode I’ve seen dozens of times…plus the hosts are hilarious themselves. [Four Finger Discount]

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