Extending Our Employee Benefits To Warehouse Associates

We recently hired two more warehouse associates, bringing our total team to eleven (five warehouse associates, three salaried employees, and us three owners). We keep our job posting up on our website year-round, although we only open the application form when we’re accepting applicants. Each time we make a few tweaks to the application but for the most part it remains relatively the same. This time though, we added a really important bullet:

Long term employees are eligible for health insurance and Simple IRA with employer match.

We have two warehouse associates who have been with us for a few years now. Both would be great to have around for the long term, so we decided to invest in them for the long term by offering them health insurance. Not just offering, but paying for, as in we pay 100% of the premiums for an individual just like we do for our salaried employees. It’s a major expense, but there’s no question in my mind that it’s the right thing to do. They’re also eligible for our Simple IRA retirement plan with employer match.

Our warehouse associate job isn’t just a part-time job, it can become a full-time job with great benefits if someone wants it to. It can be a blue-collar career now, which is something I’m incredibly proud of.