Why Starting a Business In College Still Makes So Much Sense

Every once in a while I’ll go back through some of my old posts. Some hold up to the test of time better than others. One of my first posts from November of 2005 that I still love is Why It’s Best to Start a Business Before Your 25th Birthday. Since that time I’ve spent a lot of time in the classroom working with college students, and that’s only reinforced my beliefs.

That entire post is still worth a read, but here’s a summary of the six reasons that I came up with back then:

  1. By starting a business when you are young, you avoid procrastinating
  2. When you are young, you have less responsibility
  3. When you are young, you are used to a hectic schedule
  4. Students are used to being without money
  5. Young people are better learners
  6. Young adults are used to change

The funny thing is that I wrote that from the perspective of a 23 year old. I was very much trying to point out that I did in fact have some advantages by starting my business so young. Now that I’m older-ish (34) and on the other side, I actually think that I now feel stronger about those advantages than I did back then! I’ve seen each one of them diminish/disappear over the years, and while I have other advantages (more experience, more resources, better perspective), in many cases I’d still rather have those advantages that 23 year old Adam had if I were to start something new tomorrow.

Some interesting food for thought.