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Decision Fatigue & Why I Do My Most Important Work First

The concept of decision fatigue gained popularity in 2011 with an article in the New York Times Magazine. Essentially, our willpower decreases throughout the day as we make all sorts of large and small decisions. Lifehacker did a good job of summing it up at the time: Each decision you make and the more choices you make throughout the day, the harder it gets for your brain to continue to make decisions. The result is that towards the end of the day when you’re low… Continue reading


Chargebacks Are Evolving, and It’s Not Getting Better for Online Retailers

Businessweek recently ran the article It’s Easier Than Ever to Dispute a Credit Card Charge, and Retailers Hate It. There were a few particularly interesting nuggets that confirmed some of the things that we’ve suspected were happening: [T]echnology, along with a change in rules by payment networks such as those run by Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc., is making that system a bigger headache for merchants, who are often left to eat the cost. Besides automating claims, banks have updated their mobile apps so users… Continue reading


We’re #21 on the Albany Business Review’s 2017 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

We were recently named to The Albany Business Review’s 2017 Fastest-Growing Companies List (list is partially behind a paywall). This is our second straight year on the list. They changed the list a bit this year – it was based upon 3-year growth instead of 5-year growth, and it contained the top 50 local businesses instead of the top 30. Nevertheless, we came in at #21 with 48.37% growth! We tend to fly under the radar compared to other local businesses, which is totally fine… Continue reading


Saying No More Often, Juicero’s Dysfunction, & Plex’s Bold Plan – Link Roundup

Articles Q&A: Melinda Gates on the World’s Missing Data About Women – I really enjoyed this Q&A: There’s a line right at the end of your letter that says, “The future will surprise the pessimists.” Despite the things that people read in the headlines, the world is getting better. Poverty has been cut in half—in half—in 25 years. We talk about the fact that 122 million children are alive because of the malaria vaccine work that’s happened and bed nets getting out there. I travel… Continue reading