We’re #21 on the Albany Business Review’s 2017 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

Albany Business Review - The List

We were recently named to The Albany Business Review’s 2017 Fastest-Growing Companies List (list is partially behind a paywall). This is our second straight year on the list. They changed the list a bit this year – it was based upon 3-year growth instead of 5-year growth, and it contained the top 50 local businesses instead of the top 30. Nevertheless, we came in at #21 with 48.37% growth!

We tend to fly under the radar compared to other local businesses, which is totally fine by us, but it is nice to occasionally get some local recognition…especially because we are all from the area and we do contribute a lot back to the community in the form of jobs, tax dollars, volunteer work, and the like.

This rate of growth is likely unsustainable for us, especially as that number from 3 years ago becomes larger and larger. Each time we’re named to a list like this it’s an honor. It’s something that we try to take a moment to enjoy and appreciate because it’s not easy to do.

2 comments on We’re #21 on the Albany Business Review’s 2017 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

  1. Rob says:

    Congratulations Adam & team! You deserve the recognition 😀

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