6 More Great Podcasts I Recently Started Listening To

new podcasts 2

Even with the 6 new podcasts I started listening to earlier this year, my queue recently started getting a little thin. A lot of my favorite podcasts take the summer off or release a bit less often. I’ve also been trying to apply “hell yeah or no” to my episode selection, so if something doesn’t excite me or sound interesting I’ve been skipping it.

So I went scouring for some new and interesting podcasts to subscribe to. To my surprise, I found a few new great ones. Here are 6 more that I’ve settled into listening to regularly:

  • Part-Time Genius – one of my new favorites. Will and Mango, the creators of Mental Floss, explore random topics such as “Why is IKEA obsessed with building a Better Meatball?” and “Who’s our Weirdest President?”
  • Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman discusses the intricacies of scaling a business with an all-star cast of guests, including Brian Chesky, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, and more.
  • The Kevin and Ryan Show – I’ve long been a big fan of Kevin Rose (his monthly newsletter The Journal is fantastic). He and Ryan Carson recently started a podcast to discuss life and productivity hacks.
  • Undiscovered – “a podcast about the backstories of science”
  • Stuff You Should Know – years ago I listened to this and decided to pick it back up. A good solid dive into all sorts of random interesting topics.
  • 30 for 30 Podcasts – just as good as the documentaries!
Posted on August 23rd, 2017 in Podcasts