An Update on My Information Overload Experiment

I started off the new year by cutting back on the news. Shortly after, I came across Ryan Holiday’s article Seriously, You—OK, We—Need To Stop Watching The News This Year, which did a great job summing up my feelings on the topic, along with raising some new red flags. I can only speak for myself, but I’m less stressed, less distracted, and a clearer thinker when I avoid most of the news.

After not too long it became apparent that most of those changes that I made during my experiment were for the better, so I:

  • Switched from the Google Now launcher back to Nova Prime. Nova’s feature set is much more robust. The only thing Google had going for it was the news feed, which I’m now off of.
  • Switched back to Feedly, but only kept my bare minimum feeds. I probably reduced the total number of stories by 50 – 75% while keeping all of the really good stuff I care about.
  • Haven’t added any new podcasts or news feeds. When I do, I want to focus on less frequent, longer form content. I’m also trying to ask myself what the motivation of the content creator is, to help understand their business model and why they’re bothering to put in the effort to create the content in the first place. If it’s to pump out a ton of stories to sell as many ads as possible, I think I’ll pass.