Da Vinci, MLM Scams, and a Maple Syrup Heist – Link Roundup



  • Joe Gebbia — Co-Founder of Airbnb – I literally laughed out loud several times during this podcast. Joe is an A+ storyteller, it’s worth a listen for the high school prank story alone. [The Tim Ferriss Show]
  • The Vodka Proof – the difference in Vodka pricing is all in the marketing [Planet Money]
  • A Series of Mysterious Packages – how Alibaba sellers manipulate the algorithm to show up higher in results…by sending Americans random packages [Planet Money]


  • Re-Righting History – Katie Couric explores the (insane) backlash over removing Confederate monuments [National Geographic]
  • Karl Marx City – a film maker investigates her father’s involvement with the East German Stasi. It turns out 1984 was really happening…in 1984! [Netflix]
  • Dirty Money – six documentaries about greed, corruption, and crime, ranging from VW’s emissions scandal to a maple syrup heist (seriously) [Netflix]


  • Leonardo Da Vinci – one of the best books I’ve ever read. Isaacson is a master storyteller, and Leonardo may have been the most interesting human being to ever live. [Walter Isaacson]

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