Detailing Day – Yup, We Created Our Own Holiday

Detailing Day 2018

In 2011 we started something fun that I realized I have never posted about: we created our own holiday. Why not, right? We’re constantly looking for new promotions to run, and new ways to engage with our customers. So, Detailing Day was born. Like all good holidays, it’s predictably in the same spot on the calendar each year – the Saturday prior to Memorial Day weekend, with the idea being that you’re detailing your car to show off for Memorial Day. There’s almost universally nice weather this time of year throughout the US. For many, it’s when the detailing season officially starts.

Our Detailing Day page describes it perfectly:

Cleaning out the gutters….no thanks, taking the kids to soccer practice….not today, yard work….maybe next weekend. Detailing Day is the one day of year when you block off your entire day just for detailing. Too often our schedules dictate what we do and when we do it and your vehicle gets neglected in the process. However this May 19, 2018 is Detailed Image’s Official Detailing Day reserved just for detailing. Clear your calendar on this day so you can clean, shine and protect your vehicle. It’s the perfect time of year to get your vehicle looking it’s best before visiting friends and family for the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday. Bring back that deep and glossy shine and fall back in love with your vehicle!

On the actual Detailing Day that page changes to include other one-day promos that we’re running in addition to the Facebook and Instagram contests that are still up there now. This year we ran 20% off and had some doorbusters up to 50% off on things like our DETAILER line of products. The contests have been pretty successful, with the side benefit of encouraging people to participate in order to enter, since the contests require a photo of your detailing day detail. Other years we’ve done single-batch runs of Detailing Day t-shirts or other products and then included them with every order.

It’s by no means our most successful promotion of the year, but it’s fun and different and has gotten enough traction that we’ve done it for 8 years now with no plans to stop.