We’re #16 on the List of Fastest-Growing Companies in Albany

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For the third year in a row we’ve been named to the Albany Business Review’s List of Fastest-Growing Companies (link is behind a paywall). This year we were #16 with 96.31% three-year growth! Last year we were #21 with 48.37% growth, and the year before we were #18 based on five-year growth.

What struck me this year when looking at the list was the current number of full-time employees. At 8 we had the second fewest of the 34 companies that submitted that information. Many of the companies on the list with less revenue or slower growth had a lot more employees. I understand that every industry is different, and that revenue != profitability (i.e. a consulting firm with twice the employees is probably still more profitable than a retail company like us), but overall I think this is damn impressive and a great indicator of our efficiency.

We’ve also been able to do it without overworking anyone. We work reasonable hours, and our employees almost never work nights or weekends. My partners and I do work nights and weekends, but we also work from home most days and have nearly unlimited schedule flexibility. It goes to show that you can grow fast without sacrificing people’s sanity.

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